Corporate Structure

Polonia of South Jersey Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association Corporate Structure

The Polonia of South Jersey a Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association, Inc. is a 501(c) (4) non-profit (Civic Cultural and Social Welfare) organization. The Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association is governed by a set of Articles of Incorporation and a set of Bylaws.

In early 2011, a number of members from South Jersey Polish-American Organizations began to meet and discuss the creation of an association/federation, to interact with each other and provide  support for their activities. The end result of these meetings was the establishment of the Polonia of South Jersey Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association.  The Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association is an organization dedicated to conducting activities that benefit individuals and listed member organizations.

On their behalf, the Association:

  • Promotes the mission and growth of the listed individuals and listed member Organizations.
  • Enhances the health, welfare, security, and other community services members provide through disseminating their information and supporting their voluntary activities
  • Assists in promoting their community’s interests in their activities
  • Offer proposals when requested to enhance their activities.
  • Works with legislators and other state officials to enact beneficial legislation
  • Publishes Newsletters, E-mail Bulletins and Directory listing for listed members and listed member groups and other beneficial contact listings.
  • In addition to the above the Civic Association sponsors Community Outreach Program meetings each month to enhance the knowledge and involvement of our connected organizations.

A Board of Directors is selected from the listed members and member groups as specified in the by-laws.

The affairs of the Civic Association are managed by a Board of Directors elected from its various listed member Associations and Societies.

The Board members attend meetings when the need arises. The Board oversees financial, legal, lobbying support, and research in such matters benefiting our listed members and member organizations.

The members of the Board of Directors are assigned to lead various committees responsible for managing the affairs of the Civic, Cultural and Social Welfare Association.  Standing and Issue Specific Committees are established to address the areas identified by the Board.

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